By Trish

"We would highly recommend Sujan's tutoring service. What he does is invaluable, rare and he goes beyond his duties to ensure his students achieve their potential."

By Tharan

"I was taught by Sujan from  Year 7 up until Year 13, he transformed me from an average student into a top performer. He has been as much a mentor as he has been a tutor in that time. I am currently reading engineering at University and this is due in large part to him. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

By Adam

"Sujan isn't just a great tutor, he's sincere, trustworthy, has a sense of humour and was always on hand to offer after class support whenever I needed it. It was great to go to a tutor who wasn't like your average boring teacher. I was a talented student who began losing interest in Maths, Sujan helped me rediscover my enthusiasm for it and then helped take me to the next level. He knew easier methods than what the books teach you, which saved valuable time in my exams. My results under his teaching for Maths was this: A* In Mathematics at GCSE and A at Mathematics at A-Level. I fulfilled my potential and couldn't have done it without him."

By Miss J. Cathcart

"I went into my GCSE as student who struggled with Maths. I never grasped the concepts properly and as a result was given a very low predicted grade. My mother then found Sujan and this was the turning point I so desperately needed. For the first time, I began to really understand Maths and even more surprisingly love learning it. Within a year I went from being a below average performer into scoring high B in mock exams. Over the last year of my GCSE, he helped me become an A student in Maths, something I could have only dreamed of when I started with him. He is very likable which made learning from him a real joy."

By Muyi

"The work that Sujan has embarked on with both children has ensured that they are thriving in all four subjects taught by him in their respective grammar schools."

By Mrs Bebe Beresford

"Sujan is a great teacher, he has been tutoring my son for the past three years. As a result of this, he achieved two A* and an A in Maths, Physics and Chemistry at GCSE. He then went on to get A in all three subjects taught by Sujan for his AS Level and is currently tutoring him for his A2 in Maths and Physics. Sujan is very patient and makes sure that my son fully understands a topic before moving on to the next."

By T. Singh

"I have been tutored by Sujan for many years now and he is the best at what he does. He has made me understand concepts in Mathematics that I did not understand in school. Him tutoring me through my GCSEs allowed me to get  two A*s, one in Mathematics and another on in further mathematics. This shows how his tutoring has made a significant improvement in my grades, as I was predicted a B before being tutored by Sujan "

By Anna

"Sujan is extremely knowledgeable about all the different exam boards, this was helpful when I was forced to change exam boards half way through my GCSEs. He is very friendly but strict when it comes to class work and homework. He always made sure to break down the concepts in Maths down to the basics and showed me how to process, interpret and tackle hard questions. I was in year 9 when I had my first lesson with him, he told me that "maths is one of the easiest subjects to learn", I laughed at the time because I had always always struggled to understand maths. Five years later though, here I am, studying maths at A-Levels and on course to get an A, hopefully an A* in my year 13 exams. He's the only person I would have ever wanted to teach me for such a long time and he's the main reason behind why I'm studying A-Level Maths, let alone be on course for an A/A*. My parents have already asked for a place for my younger brother to start tuition with him as soon as he's available!"

By Sanjiv

"I have been tutored by Sujan for over eight years in Mathematics and Physics. He has helped me gain an excellent understanding for both subjects and has also improved my knowledge immensely. I firmly believe his teaching skills and his ability will help many other students thrive too. I am now well positioned as a result of his tutoring to enter university and pursue a course in computer science."

By S. Sivan

"Sujan was incredibly nice and you could really tell that he cared about my studies. I always liked studying in his classes as I felt most comfortable in the environment he set up and it was actually fun to learn Physics from him. I had hated physics up until that point but he taught me to enjoy it, which helped me learn more and perform better in my exams. He was always clear and concise in his explanations, which gave me a clear understanding of the subject. His teaching was the main reason I got the required grade in physics to get into University. I am currently studying a physics related degree at university, enjoying it with Sujan's words of encouragement always in the back of my mind "

By Martin

"Sujan is an extremely intelligent tutor and has been very helpful to my education. He has helped me understand every topic I've had doubts in, both in Mathematics and Science. He has taught me very useful methods to help me memorise topics. Sujan is very kind and friendly. He makes me feel comfortable and happy when I'm studying with him and is always available to help by phone whenever I need it. I took my GCSE Mathematics a year in advance and got the grade that I wanted. I am currently on target for my predicted grades in Science for GCSEs. I couldn't have done any of it, without his help. "

By Jennifer

"To whom it may concern, Sujan is a brilliant tutor. He was very patient with my son who found Maths extremely challenging. Sujan worked well with him to first fill in the gaps he had in his knowledge before consolidation. He set challenging tasks for him which helped improve his confidence. He was always in contact with me to give feedback on his progress. My son passed his GCSE Maths and couldn't have done it without Sujan. He's a wonderful tutor."

By Mitesh

"Best. Teacher. Ever. I think that sums up how highly I think of Sujan and the work he does. He's the one teacher I've had that can make me sit down and have a lesson for 2,3 or even 4 hours and the lesson just flies by. He's the only tutor that has ever managed to get my little brother to sit down and study for over 3 hours and when he came back he was full of praise and couldn't stop telling us all about what he'd learned and how much he likes Sujan. My parents are over the moon that we're both being taught by him, I'm 17 years old and my little brother is 12 years old. We know a few other kids who are also Sujan's students and everyone of them have nothing but nice things to say about him. I've been taught by Sujan for six years now, I can honestly say that I've loved studying from him every lesson in that time. Any student would be lucky to have him as a tutor and any parent would be even luckier to have him teach their children "

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